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November 4, 2010


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I like Deviantart!

Thu Nov 4, 2010, 1:59 PM
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I do. I've been on here for many years and I've had an enjoyable time overall.

However, today I found out about repeated gender insensitivity on the part of the staff here... you can read the article for details about what happened.

I know that gender issues aren't as srs bsns to some people as, say, race or sexuality issues. I'm sad to say that I receive fairly insensitive and sometimes angry notes and messages regarding my gender on a weekly basis. I have gotten used to the fact that many people are only comfortable when they're able to fit people into distinct categories. It would be nice, though, if this could change. I can understand if the dA mods mentioned just weren't very well informed, I'm sure we can all pick a topic that is very important to someone else that we can admit we know nothing about.

Instead of getting up-at-arms and vitriolic, I hope that maybe we can all take the chance to read up a little bit about gender and how important it is to some folks. Let's just get informed (here is a nice essay written by dmarling if you want to start somewhere), make the changes and apologies that are needed, and give others the respect we'd like given to us.

What do you think?

*edit 3* It looks like the issue is in the process of being resolved :) Props to dA for their sensitivity and willingness to work on the issue until a reasonable conclusion was reached! You can read the details of the solution here.

*edit 2* via spyed DA will add an "other" sex option (okay..) and an extended gender option. Took them a while, but they might finally be on the right track.

*edit* From now on, DA only wants to know what you have in your pants. Problem solved? or just avoided?

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theepicmellofangirl Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
I'm gender-queer, and this post made me smile a lot. I've had this problem on many sites, and I'm glad that they fixed it on this one.

I feel like I need a doodle to express my gratitude.
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
thalia-is-crazy Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Did this ever get *re* resolved beyond the "what's in your pants currently" base?
That direction actually pisses me off - big time.

It's hardly fucking relevant. For a bunch of "deviants" deviantart sure seems to have a problem with people deviating from the standards used to determine sex visually at birth,
And NOT used to determine gender BAJHDFKJHDKGH fucking hell ok now I'm getting angry again and this issue is months old.
shingworks Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I think they changed the info bar to say something else or have more options or something, honestly I forget. But yeah, some of the staff here are not as educated as they could be...
thalia-is-crazy Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Professional Filmographer
I don't generally mind people just not knowing (And thus not caring)
But when you go out of your way to tell someone something,
especially in a community like deviantart (Which is supposed to be some kind of deviation from the norm, right?) it's a little frustrating to see the kind of attitudes that you get in response.
ClumsyPeachesART Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011
Oh I love dA as well, I've ran into lovely bunches of people~ who (for the most part) are here for the same reasons, to show their art to the world and see art in return. With that follows this kind community ready to help/support/or have a laugh. I have to admit, overall dA is my TOP #1 favourite site.

Now don't get me wrong, I've ran into two people that no matter how kindly you ask a question, they jump to the defense and deem you a "troll" which I think is quite silly. When only you're trying to better understand their piece.

But as I've said, only two people, its bound to happen, but to think I've been here for over 2 years and only ran into THAT many rude people? Its amazing!! The people here overall are wonderful talented people, and I'm so in love with it.

As for the gender thing, pardon me for being a bit naive, but I'm actually not quite sure what gender you are, and whether you're a woman or a man doesn't change the fact that I adore your artwork, the time and skill you put into your work is grand! And gender shouldnt have a thing to do with a persons talent.

So no matter what, heres lookin' at you babe! ^__~ lol
XXAnemia Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
Wait, that's ridiculous!
I totally hadn't heard about them taking away the third option until now :O
I can't get my head around why they would do that, why put effort into taking something way that was good to be left as it was and risk upsetting a hell of a lot of people here.
I thought dA was better than that...
SnapesAngel Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
</i>*edit* From now on, DA only wants to know what you have in your pants.</i>

Socks. Many, many socks.

Just kidding, actually, since I don't wear socks.
digital-socrates Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
@the last edit: avoided I'd say. I can only assume people who don't like being grouped into 'male' or 'female' gender probably won't like being defined strictly by their sex either.
ShibuyaCrow Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2010
A friend of mine had a 'stalker' acouple years ago, and because this person was uncomfortable with not knowing what my friend's gender was, they just WOULDN'T LET IT GO. ranting and emails and guessing games ala yikes.

I'm lucky enough to not have the gender complications alot of people in our society have to deal with; i r girl. and I'm cool with that. but reading these emails, opinions, journals, posts, blogs, ect on this topic sure does heat the fire up in distaste towards the pigheadedstupiditylimitedthoughtocitysegrigatingdumbfoundedness of alot of what is still out there.
I suppose by spreading the word on these sorts of things, people are doing the exact opposite of what they're fighting against: promoting information and knowledge. and thats good. yeah. I think.
fly-tiger Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2010   General Artist
Well I am glad to see that it is being resolved :D
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