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Wow! Almost 200,000 pageviews guys!! I'm pretty stoked :love: So in the grand tradition of... last time... I'm offering another commission sale! For the next 24 hrs if you want in on a $15 buck portrait commission* just note me, I'm not going to be doing these for a while after this round so make sure you think about it :3

Wow... 200,000. I have a screencap from about this time last year and it was only at like 30,000. What the hell happened? I'm not complaining but I don't remember what pushed it up that high, probably the fancomics *shame* but whatever, thanks to all for your wonderful support! The first person who catches and notes me a screencap of the 200,000th view gets a free portrait!

In other important news, I noticed a disturbing trend among our cake mix boxes. I come from a family that buys cake mix obsessively when it goes on sale for a buck at Safeway, so we have a few different brands stored in the garage. Take a look.

Now, stop me if I'm wrong but doesn't that seem like an unhealthy obsession with moistness? How moist do you want your cake, really? Each seems more moist than the last! So in the interest of a moist arms race, here are my suggestions for cake mix products:

No this post doesn't have a point.

Thanks again for all your support, everyone :3

Commish sale is closed! Thanks so much to everyone who got one, I really appreciate it! All commissions are closed for the time being, excluding sketches :3 Also! It looks like the comic got on the front page or something? I know I shouldn't feel like its a big deal what with it being THE INTERNET but thank you again to everyone who looks at my stuff, it means a lot to me <3 <3 <3

*[1] [2] [3], normally $20

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I can't think of a subject *edit*

Fri Feb 15, 2008, 9:09 AM
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  • Reading: War of the Worlds
  • Eating: Vegetable Soup

Happy February! February is National Miss Cleo month*! Also, happy year of the Rat! :B We're pretty awesome.

[i.j.e.s.**: You eligible Americans had better've gone out and voted or I'll be angry.]

So... awkward internet silence... Not much going on, just messing around like usual. I think I seriously need to start exercising again, I'm starting to get jiggly around the edges. But its been too rainy to run recently :C And I'm a wimp. I don't really like any other cardio other than biking and stepping but again, rain, and I'm upstairs so any stepping around gets on other peoples' nerves. Not to mention it looks really silly and I'm afraid of someone walking in on me XD

I have some Wheel of Time books sitting on my desk, I don't know if I should read them or not. They look sort of lame just judging by the cover, but then again so did the George R R Martin books and man are they ever not lame. In the meantime I'll educate myself with War of the Worlds and move on from there.

I'm several steps closer to getting my website done! My friend is helping me with it, he's super smart and awesome so I'm excited :B I plan on being unstoppable within the next month or two.

You know, I keep thinking I should update this journal once a month, but when I get around to it I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. I'll gank from y2jenn's journal and say, ask me anything you want and I'll answer it***. Or ask one of my characters if you're feeling goofy.

Thats all for now! Have a meowfish.
Meowfish by Animal-Stamp

OK so uh THANK YOU to everyone who has visited/ faved/ watched me in the last few hours! I can't believe I got on the front page and missed it XD ahaha what a dork. But srsly I don't know what I'm going to do now, it was sort of my goal for DA and now I've reached it? Maybe my next goal could be to get on the front page and not fucking sleep right through it or something. ANYWAYS thanks very much guys! And thanks DA for the new fair exposure thing, obviously I'm diggin' it, hahaha...  Meow!

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** inter journal entry script
***correct answer not guaranteed :B

Keepin' it real, folks

Thu Jan 3, 2008, 10:57 PM
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  • Listening to: Something awful, probably
  • Reading: Alive

Its like Sisyphus, just when you get to the top, *wham* there you are back at January again D: THE HORROR. Aside from that, I have a few things planned for this year. Some of these things may or may not involve chinchillas.

I had the scariest most awesome dream yesterday, it was rockin'. But as we all know, being subjected to someone else's description of an awesome dream is the most boring thing ever so... uh

Artswise, there are several things that will be accomplished for certain. Commissions, of course, because I slacked like no other over the holiday. Also trade with falingard which I totally have not forgotten about and am totally procrastinating on. Also also a collab with Booter-Freak which is the greatest thing ever. Also also also some avatar comics and of course self-serving Luca pics which I cannot stop drawing oh god... best of all (and given that I don't get hit by a bus first) I will have a website up within a few ___insert time period here___, only a vague idea of what it will look like/ have on it but I'm sure it'll be so good you'll be struck blind or something.

I got hella sleep last night, but for some reason I'm really tired. Could sleeping make you more tired??? Only science knows.

I'm so totally into adventure/ survival/ history books right now, does anyone have any recommendations? This is the only way I can learn history, if they don't take the dismemberment out.

There was this mental list of important things to write in a journal entry that somehow completely evaporated.

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Important things

Tue Dec 4, 2007, 9:39 AM
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  • Listening to: Try to make me go to rehab but I say no no no
  • Reading: Jurassic Park
  • Drinking: Tears

Its the holidays! here, at least... And as ever, with great holidays comes great responsibility. My family does the gift-giving thing, with the tree and all though we're not religious. Its more like a collective pat on the back (via decorated vegetation) for making it through another year, haha. Nevertheless I think its vitally important to reflect back on the year and appreciate the good things. Personally, I have a lot to be thankful for:
- great friends
- good health
- not being torn to shreds by dinosaurs
to name a few. Feel free to post some things you're thankful for! And in case you're thinking 'well Thanksgiving was like last month' you can go straight to hell because thankfulness should be a daily thing. Hahaha

Also, I need to point out that DoBS was like fucking crazy and holy god when is the next episode airing, does anyone know?? And I must state for the record that I was VERY disappointed that Zhao didn't come busting out of that vault-cano thing, that was the most glaring flaw in the episode.

Also also, I'm opening up 5 portrait commissions (in the vein of as… and…), check out the commission info page if you're interested! *edit* All filled! Thank you XD

Also also also, I went 'orienteering' this weekend (its like hiking/ using a map in a timed setting) but we were beat by this mother with 2 little kids XD Damn them!

Thus I have fulfilled the monthly post, next post will be in 2008 :3 Meow!!

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What is you doing?

Tue Nov 6, 2007, 10:55 PM
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  • Listening to: An unlikely playlist of Roy Orbison &amp; P Diddy
  • Eating: watermelon Jolly Rancher &amp; broccoli
  • Drinking: drinking is for weaklings

Uh... yeah, so I don't really have anything to say (per se), I just wanted to kick the old journal off. I have no idea what to write about so I'm going to go look for a website about conversation starters and see what it tells me to talk about.

[insert noise of time elapsing]

Ok, so when I google 'conversation starters' it tells me to talk about the weather. You know what? Fuck the weather.


Ok, here is a 'sexy conversation starter', courtesy of Cosmo:
"When the gorgeous guy on the towel near you is smoothing on sunscreen, ask if he wouldn't mind giving you a dab. Rub it on your shoulders, then strain to reach the middle of your back, look defeated and ask him for a heavenly hand."
Does that really count as conversation? OK this sucks, one more try.


OK, this last site reccommends talking about pet peeves, since everyone has them. uh... Barefoot Contessa from the Food Network channel or whatever its called really gets on my nerves. She's creepy. Does that count? No? Uh, my salivary ducts. Naturally this begs the question, what is your pet peeve? Reply plz. That should be good enough for one journal.

ps All the images in my header are from awesome arts I've recieved or commissioned from others XD One day I'll have a website and build a shrine to them, but until then you'll have to settle for a shitty .gif overview.

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  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: the sound of me going nuts over yamiza's arts
  • Eating: caffeine

Oh craps, I'm almost at 100,000 pageviews! Thats freaking amazing!! Last year at this time I wasn't even at 10,000 D: And a year before that I wasn't even at 100, hahaha. I blame global warming.

*edit* Thanks for 100,000 pageviews guys :heart::heart:

Anyways, to celebrate (and because I need to figure out how to streamline my digital color process) I'm doing a commission sale!! Only $10 for a colored character portrait! 8D The catch is that I'll be coloring each one differently so I can't tell you what it'll look like. For example it might be done cell-style, painted, etc... but here's an example of the sort of quality if not the exact color style:

Thats some fucking quality right there for only ten bucks, let me tell you. Sale'll be on till 7:30 tonight my time (12 hrs from this post), after which time I won't be doing any more of them (at least, for that cheap) :B So get them while they're hot, just note me if you're interested! Oh yeah, if you get a screencap of my 100,000 view you can have a free one :D

I've been seeing pictures of chinchillas around wherever, and I've come to the conclusion that ours is cuter than the average chinchilla. I'm not just saying that because he's ours, I really mean it. His face can send me and my brothers into paroxysms of cute-induced screaming. Which is as scary as it sounds. THE POWAH.

I sort of want to do Halloween this year, as I do every year, but then I get lazy and apathetic and we turn off all the lights and pretend we aren't home XD Though its reaching that point again where I feel the nascent longing to get stupid and paint an arrow on my forehead or something. Is anyone planning to have an awesome costume? The real reason I bring this up is because I was at Costco the other day and was thinking about Halloween only to get accosted by their fake Xmas tree collection. The future is now!!!

ps omg… &… asdja;jkldfa;sasdf

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Sun Sep 9, 2007, 3:17 PM
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Cute negatory Luca in the corner by pooryorick

So Engelen tagged me with that 10 things meme approx 2.5 billion years ago, and I finally got around to doing it.

10 things about my art:

01) I hate calling my art 'art,' art is what you see in a museum, and this ain't it. I'd probably classify it more under entertainment since people seem to get a kick out of it and I sure find it entertaining to do.
02) I didn't attempt foreals comics until last December, but now I like it loads more than doing single illustration-type pictures.
03) I hate drawing for myself. My personal things always turns out shitty since I don't hold myself to very high standards. Doing art for others brings out the best in my work, though.
04) I've never taken an art classes, but I do read tutorials and of course steal techniques from all those artists I love. Sorry ;_;
05) Speaking of stealing, I'm constantly stealing layout and color ideas from everywhere, especially advertisements.
06) I have, like, one art friend irl (AmandaTurnage!!!). All my other friends could care less about my drawing which gets a little annoying sometimes since its all I think about.
07) I like constructive crits! It usually hurts but its a good kind of hurt.
08) Uh... running out of things to say.
09) Tofu is really good. I could eat it all day.
10) One time I was walking on the levi and a bee flew out in front of me and this guy was bicycling by from the opposite direction at the exact same time and I saw the bee fly smack into the wheel and get totally pulverized, it was great.

I tag... everyone on DA! Or anyone that wants to do it, whichever comes first.

New arts comin' soon :0

Hey! According to some people, an abridged form of one of my avatar comics was printed in this month's fabled Nick Mag! The whole thing is below:

I haven't seen it yet... hopefully it doesn't look too bad compared to all the awesome I've been hearing about 8D

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Boring update desu

Fri Aug 17, 2007, 10:31 AM
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Timbaland

Time to update some journal! Not much going on right now... just working on some comics and commissions and stuff like that...

I keep forgetting to mention, I got interviewed :D By a neat new blog, Rococo Flow, which is here if you want to read it... theres a bunch of other awesome DA artists up there already so you should take a look!

Man these squirrels outside keep eating our tomatoes, its so annoying. They like take a bite out of every other tomato, even the green ones, so they start putrefying on the vine. And that's terrible. Then again eating our tomatoes are probably the highlight of their lives so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on them.

God I really have nothing to say that isn't coma-inducing, sorry XD

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  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Missy Elliot and the S O Veeee

Wow, another DD! Thanks so much to jeriweaver for suggesting it and Marker-Guru for selecting it :love:

Shoutout to my brother, SailorPretty, whose birthday is today! Happy b-day Dustin :heart: :heart: He is a great brother (except when he's not). And, we celebrated his chinchilla's first anniversary yesterday, haha. I highly suggest for people go to his page and leave messages on it!!

One more bad infomercial I saw yesterday: Dr-Ho (I like that random dash) made it sound like its too much work to keep your head (represented by a sad-faced bowling ball) upright, which is why you need an inflatable facehugger to do it for you! Amazing!! And that mannequin face creeps me the fuck out.


Not much else to add, except that I'm super full of love right now...! Thanks for looking at my art guys!

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Fool toss!

Thu Jun 28, 2007, 2:31 PM
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  • Listening to: that new Modest Mouse CD

First off, thanks so much to everyone who commented about this grad school abortion* fiasco, really appreciate all your kind words! Still trying to find a way to remotely kick some asses so I don't have to drive all the way there.

Been working on comics a bunch, sort of lost my motivation to work on single drawings. Good for you guys I guess... I gots another avatar comic in the works as well as an original several paged thingy that I'm trying to do a good job on. And as ever you can check out my work-in-progress thumbnail comic pages (from which the header was ganked) as well as an assload of disturbing sketches at le sketchjournal.

Some pimping now, since its fun: Been really digging lazymills1986's gallery, she has an awesome pencilling style and some fun Avatar works... my friend pooryorick has a great comic, Memento Mori which I found highly amusing... also everyone already knows rufftoon but she has the ultimate Zhao comic going on at her LJ which she doesn't advertise but nevertheless must not be missed. And of course we must not forget to mention our best friend/ worst enemy, the Tatermitt.

Last, lots of love to all my new watchers (and old ones too)! Its hard but I'll try to not be completely  boring, haha.

*accepted for a few months then rejected :B

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commission info!

Luca sprite
Dance Luca, dance!

My cup overfloweth

Fri Jun 8, 2007, 8:18 AM
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  • Drinking: Vodka

Damn people, 50,000 pageviews! Thanks everyone for all your support, when I started out on DA 50,000 was about as obtainable as something metaphorically unobtainable that I'm not awake enough to think of. Its nice that so many people actually give a crap about my art, I'll keep churning it out for all of you XD

Which brings me to my next point, I have a side comic project not posted here that you could potentially check out if you don't mind clicking on Its only at the thumbnail stages right now, but theres 22 pages up so far and I try to update it almost daily, if you have some time why not check it out and possibly leave a comment? Its my baby so I'm trying to do a real good job on the rough draft so that the final will blow the eyeballs out the back of your skull with awesomeness (may sting a little).

Last, would anyone be interested in commissions? I have no idea about that sort of thing but if anyone is I'll do some research into it :B Otherwise I'll just be stagnating around until I move to LV.


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Luca sprite

Creative mood

Wed May 16, 2007, 11:45 AM
  • Mood: Zest

I've been in a really artsy mood lately! Mostly trying out new styles and working on my existing one. Which doesn't really bear mentioning except for that I wanted to update this journal. Anyways, there will be some Avatar comic and original stuff up soon, muahaha.

I'm also pretty excited because I'm going to be getting arts that I traded for soon :D Its always exciting to see your characters rendered in someone else's style.

What else, what else... theres a contest going on at the NoSelfControl club, prizes are some iTunes money and art from me so check it out! It ends at the end of May.

Last (sorry to be lame), does anyone else watch American Idol? I hope Blake is leaving tonight, beat-boxing makes me want to claw my face off.

My awesome clubs!
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Updated commissions page! Here's a list of what I do and availability... Just note me if you are interested if you have any questions! Thank you :3

Status: Closed

What do you get?: A full-body b/w sketch of your character!
Base price: $5.oo
Sketch examples: [1] [2] [3]
Note: Please specify pencil or digital
1. Sheana {paid!)
2. Unicornia (paid!)
3. Unicornia (paid!)
4. SparkleNinja (paid!)
5. SparkleNinja (paid!)

Status: Closed

What do I get?: A ridiculously cute, small colored arts of your character!
Price: $5.oo
Colors?: Yes!
Chibi examples: [1] [2]
1. muura (paid!)
2. kkitty23 (paid!)
3. LinearMango (paid!)
4. an-jing (paid!)
5. eve-bolt (paid!)

Status: Closed!

What do I get?: A colorful portrait of your character!
Portrait examples: <a  href="…">[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
01. DeathscytheChan [1/1] (paid!)
02. MasterofRaviel [0/1] (paid!)
03. kkitty23 (paid!)
04. Unicornia (paid!)
05. Unicornia (paid!)
06. TheLadyFox (paid!)
07. eve-bolt (paid!)
08. OhSadface (paid!)
09. iPride (waiting...)
10. Wulfgnar (paid!)

Black and white
Status: Closed

What do I get?: A full black and white digital painting
Base price:$5o.oo, more or less depending on number of characters and detail. Note for more information.
Black and white examples: <a  href="…">[1] [2]

Full color
Status: Closed

What do I get?: A fully colored digital painting or drawing
Base price:$7o.oo, more or less depending on number of characters and detail. Note for more information.
Colors examples: <a  href="…">[1] [2]  <a  href="…">[3]  <a  href="…">[4]
Full color status:
1. lauramw (paid!)
2. sekret (2 char pic) (paid!)


Snowball in Hell Issue 01 (20pgs b/w): $2.oo

Snowball in Hell Issue 02 (20pgs b/w): $3.oo

Title is a lie, seeing as I've never been asked any of these questions...

1. OK how do I get one?
Note me!
2. What can I commission?
I'll do just about anything, with the exception of copyrighted characters. If you want anything non pg-rated you'll have to give me some sort of proof that you're not, like, 12.
3. What type of payment will you accept?
I can accept paypal now! But I will also accept money order if you are more comfortable with a mail transaction. I'll need full payment before starting, though.
4. How long is this going to take? D:
Dunno? As long as it needs to in order to look nice? Though sketch/ portrait/ chibi commishes will be done within a day or two of payment.
5. How much control do I have over the art?
I'll show you the preliminary sketch for larger commissions, but if you'd like more say on the colors and such please let me know- otherwise I'll just do what looks good to me.
6. Do I get the original art?
How about this: anything over 30 bucks and I'll mail all of it to you free of charge, otherwise you'll have to pay for it.
7. Why do colors cost a lot?
Because they seriously take me forever! But I promise to do a good job :B
8. I want to commission something that isn't listed in this exhaustive journal.
Thats not a question. But seriously, just note me and we can discuss it.
9. Are these prices negotiable in any way?
Make me an offer :B
  • Mood: Zest


Mon Apr 23, 2007, 10:06 AM
  • Mood: Love

I had an awesome time tabling at APE! I sold 85 copies and traded/ gave away probably a dozen more. I think the main selling point was that it was only a buck, and no-one can turn down a buck (especially with a beautiful color cover and plastic baggie). Also I got to meet a lot of neat people, and quite a few from DA! Which was cool. The journal header is part of one of the little posters up at my table, btw, I tried very hard to slay people with cuteness. Anyways, this is what I got:

- Fucking awesome Kazu print that cost a lot but was worth it
- 2 issues of Bean's Song and a print from travisJhanson, who was super nice
- random small sketchbook thingers that I traded for
- 3 Bob the Angry Flower books!! which I must admit was really exciting for me since I've loved this comic for 5 years. Also Stephen Notley was hella cute.

My brother SailorPretty had a good time as well, and got lots of sketches/ prints/  comics from SinaGrace, which was good because I was afraid he was going to be bored.

Anyways, if you're interested in a copy of Snowball in Hell, I'd be willing to trade for similarly small comics/ comic art, or for the low low price of $2 (thats with shipping). To be honest I don't think I'm going to post these online (not unless they're colored, anyways, the chances of which are right up there with the title of the comic) so note me if you're interested!

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Sleeping is overrated

Fri Apr 20, 2007, 10:58 PM
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: Macy Gray
  • Drinking: straight up caffine

Ahahaha, I finished my stupid comic! And at the last minute of course.

Me and my friend Amanda (AmandaTurnage) will be sharing a table at APE tomorrow and Sunday! Our fancy-ass name is Armada & Shingworks Studio and we're at table 552 if you want to check us out and possibly pick up a copy of the comic :B Which, btw, is a fabulous 20 b&w pages. I spent 4 hours figuring out how to xerox those things so people better come check it out.

Anyways, I gots to go pass out now.

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Don't cha?

Fri Mar 23, 2007, 11:41 AM
  • Mood: Distracted
Meow by Animal-Stamp

I have the most unfortunate and incorrect song stuck in my head.

Don't cha wish your goldfish was hot like me
Don't cha wish your goldfish was a freak like me
Don't cha

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Holy hell, people

Tue Feb 27, 2007, 9:53 AM
  • Mood: Relief

Guess what guess what

I got accepted to UNLV! Yay! I'm pretty scared, retroactively, as the admissions guy told me that not everyone who visited got in (I had thought it was pretty much in the bag at the visit). Also I only applied to one school because I'm daring and stupid like that. In any case, I am now on the road to becoming one of those famous starving grad students, a big step up from the famous starving undergrad. Thanks to all of you who left those encouraging comments, it boosted my confidence a lot, which is pretty essential for a good interview :)

Been reading waay too much Redwall lately, I sort of wish I hadn't missed these books when I was a kid. Then again I might have turned out to be a furry, so nevermind. In any case, some fanart of that coming up as well as some avatar stuff because honestly how else am I supposed to get pageviews? Ahaha, oh, the brutal truth.

Lastly, I've been trying hard to amuse myself online lately on our meager dialup connexion (archaic spelling for archaic internets). Especially with all these avatar preview thingys floating around that I can't watch D:* So yeah, if you're on livejournal and want to be friends, come check me out at Or, if you hate me but like my art, you can take a gander at my sketchjournal that I update pretty frequently, at </pimping>

Oops, one last thing, thanks very much everyone for 30,000 pageviews! I thought you had to be a good artist to get numbers like that XD

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*seriously, D:


Rain is pretty awesome, in theory, before it gets all over my jeans and makes me want to murder something.

I was brushing my teeth like usual this morning and my toothpaste falls off the brush before I can get to it :C I hate when that happens, which is roughly half the time.

Going to Las Vegas next thursday/ friday for a school interview, I hope I don't come off as as being a total motard because thats what I am. Can't wait for those awkward moments in front of potential professors.

Been sort of busy lately, hence the lack of updates, sorry about that. Next week should possibly be more awesome than this one. Sorry about this journal too, its hella boring.

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  • Mood: Winter Downs


Tue Jan 23, 2007, 9:04 AM

Things are afoot, evidently.
- my mom has a new (and better paying) job
- I have an awesome tutoring job
- Me and my friend AmandaTurnage are going to APE! in April, we're going to be sharing a booth and probably painting the con red, is anyone else planning on going? This is my first convention (other than some embarrassing beanie baby ones a few years ago) so hopefully it won't be too scary.

Also, I read Eragon out of idle curiosity and I must say it sucked rather hard. What the hell is wrong with everyone, it reads like it was written by a 16 year old (sarcasm). But seriously; sucks.

Anyways, I have a bigass avatar comic thing in the works and new Snowball in Hell should be up soon, and not three feet away from me a chinchilla is sitting on my brother's face.



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ps sorry to put this journal in your inboxes again, I'm trying to figure out why its not showing up on my front page

  • Mood: Winter Downs

So goddamned cold

Mon Jan 15, 2007, 1:15 PM

I'm probably being a huge wimp but I think its really fucking cold. I can't bend my fingers. Also I'll probably be the first person to get frostbite through 3 layers of socks inside a house. In sunny California.

Turned in my major grad school app, now I have to worry about whether it will arrive on time since I just found out that Jan 15th is the day it has to be there, not the day it should be postmarked (it was mailed last Fri). Oh well, its just the rest of my life, nothing to stress about :B

I'm working on a few groups of arts, none of which are finished yet. Experimenting with drawing and coloring a group of comic pages at a time, rather than one by one, which is going slow... also, trying another digital painting which is going slower than the frozen blood through my extremites.

Lastly, a new account (below) because I have no life :3 Hope everyone else is nice and toasty!

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