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I changed my avatar. To celebrate 300 pageviews! Yay! No, actually, I changed it because all of my other ones were shitty. Anyways, I've been more active this past month and hope to keep churning out more stupid pictures... thanks to the few people who are watching, you're my main motivation.  :blowkiss:
...of sketches! And other things. I think I'm going to be stuffing a bunch of scribbles in the scraps section because I have a lot of them and no one will ever see them otherwise. Hm... I think thats it. What a boring journal entry.
I'm not really going to write all that much here, if you really care about my life you can check out my LJ. And feel free to contact me if you have any interest in reptiles, its pretty much the only subject I'm thinking about other than fiddling around with my comic.