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I'm really happy today. Why, you might be asking? Well, I have a new pet snake!… Its a Lampropeltis getula getula, a common kingsnake and he is my bestest (only) snake ever!! I'll put pics in scraps at some point, but take my word for it he is not only the cutest snake in the world, but also a genius and... he smells good. And is magical.

In other news, look what I got!!

Angora!… by :iconamandaturnage:

Symon!!… by :iconflowmaster:

Phe!!!!… by :iconavatarmirai:

Pals and artists I like:
:iconamandaturnage: :icondawnelainedarkwood: :iconpetrifiedphish: :iconsailorpretty: :iconscatteredsun: :iconflowmaster: :iconavatarmirai: :iconcedarwolf22:
:iconstained-glass: :iconyamiza: :icongerman-s: :iconpyawakit: :iconkyla79: :iconthe-traitor-mcdohl: :icondanschoening:
I just got home and I seem to have 2000 pageviews now. One small step for me, one giant step for... me. I guess. Anyways.

I was thinking about doing some art trades, is anyone interested? Mostly like I'll do your character and you'd do mine, something casual like that. I need to practice my colorizing more but my motivation is somewhat lacking: hence the idea. Comment if interested!

Also, today is my 3 yr anniversary with my bf :3

Pals and artists I like:
:iconamandaturnage: :icondawnelainedarkwood: :iconpetrifiedphish: :iconsailorpretty: :iconscatteredsun: :iconflowmaster: :iconavatarmirai:
:iconstained-glass: :iconyamiza: :icongerman-s: :iconpyawakit: :iconkyla79: :iconthe-traitor-mcdohl: :icondanschoening:
Well, my last semester at Berkeley is well on its way. I've got:

PH142B: Statistics for Social Sciences part deux
IB135: Biomechanics of Organisms
IB175/L: Herpetology
PE: Resistance Training :D

I've been waiting for IB175 for four years now! Theres three hours of looking at alcohol, stained and skeletal specimens per week as well as lecture, its a lot of fun. Theres also labwork to finish up, I'm going to try to finish sequencing all the specimens that were collected from Yosemite over the last 3 years this semester. That means no more slacking :þ By summer I will have my BA and then its on to the ever ominous Grad School.

In the meantime, also learning to identify common edible Californian plants. Did you know you can eat dandelion leaves like spinach? They're freaking weeds! Anyways.

Also, had a lot of time to read over the break and... during class. Here's what I've been up to:

Song of Ice and Fire- George R. R. Martin: This is hands down the best fantasy series out there. Yes, better than Lord of the Rings and all that stuff. Highly recommended.

Scudder crime novels- Lawrence Block: Block writes dark and realistic murder/mystery novels set in New York, featuring an alcoholic private detective Matthew Scudder. I can't get enough of these books. Unfortunately the more recent novels have been a bit more clean but the early ones are terrific. I just finished When the Sacred Ginmill Closes, it was awesome.

Anything by Haruki Murakami: They are hard to describe novels. Many surreal things happen over the course of the story but they are treated as commonplace events. I especially enjoy his many short story collections, of which "Superfrog Saves Tokyo" is a favorite. As a side note, he is one of the best selling and highly respected authors in Japan, and I hadn't heard of him till 2 years ago.

The Life of Ivan Denisovich- Solzhenitsyn: Not a very long novel, I finished it on a 1.5 hr BART ride home. Its about life in a Communist Russia work camp somewhere in Siberia. Easy enough to read but a lot of disturbing subject matter.

Roger Zelazny: Very very good science fiction. I had the pleasure of rereading Jack of Shadows, I think it got better the second time around.

I also read The Night Watch by Prachett. I don't normally like his humorous novels but this one seemed a little bit more toned down. I think I might try reading the rest of the series.

[ And now for some anti-advertisement. Dear Dan Simmons, I liked Song of Kali and yes, even the incredibly lame Carrion Comfort. At least it was interesting. Hyperion was passable and Endymion kind of put me to sleep. But those are forgiveable. For the good of everybody, please please don't write any more novels like Summer of Night, it was the worst book I've read in a long while, possibly my entire life. Argh. ]

Ok, thats a lot of writing but I read a lot too so you see my problem. Has anyone else read any good books lately/ wants to recommend some books to me? Anything goes, as long as its not romance :(

Pals and artists I like:
:iconamandaturnage: :icondawnelainedarkwood: :iconpetrifiedphish: :iconsailorpretty: :iconscatteredsun: :iconsalamanderrocket: :iconavatarmirai: :iconyamiza: :icongerman-s: :iconpyawakit: :iconthorcus: :iconkyla79: :icontomatodragon: :iconritam: :iconthunddi: :iconvespertino: :iconthe-traitor-mcdohl: :icondanschoening: :iconflowmaster:
Wow... one freaking year already. Well, technically I didn't really start to upload a lot of stuff until April or so, but whatever. I'm glad I decided to start a Devart account, I have met a lot of great artists and nice people. Here are some good friends, in no particular order:

:iconamandaturnage: She went to my highschool and I was her newspaper art editor for a while (even though her art is way better than mine :) ). She has a really nice and original traditional art gallery.

:iconscatteredsun: My friend from school, another Integrative Bio major/graduate. I had no idea he could draw so well until the end of last semester! My rattlesnake army will defeat his vole army.

:iconpetrifiedphish: An aspiring paleontologist with a great thought-out gallery as well. Herpetology is still better, though :D

:icondawnelainedarkwood: If you haven't seen her gallery yet, you need to go right now. One of those rare artists that has great character designs, inking, colors... argh, I am so jealous. And shes really nice too.

:iconsailorpretty: My brother. I'm putting his icon up here in hopes that he will update his gallery every once in a goddamn while. Also, today is our other brothers birthday, so the cake I made him will get posted soon.

Anyways, thanks to everyone else who is watching me and comments on my art, you are totally awesome and when I take over the world you will all be spared :D :D
I changed my avatar. To celebrate 300 pageviews! Yay! No, actually, I changed it because all of my other ones were shitty. Anyways, I've been more active this past month and hope to keep churning out more stupid pictures... thanks to the few people who are watching, you're my main motivation.  :blowkiss:
...of sketches! And other things. I think I'm going to be stuffing a bunch of scribbles in the scraps section because I have a lot of them and no one will ever see them otherwise. Hm... I think thats it. What a boring journal entry.
I'm not really going to write all that much here, if you really care about my life you can check out my LJ. And feel free to contact me if you have any interest in reptiles, its pretty much the only subject I'm thinking about other than fiddling around with my comic.