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OK I'll bite

I've almost been on this site for 10 years! In December it will have been 10. The only reason I started using my account was because my friend AmandaTurnage started using hers, and I wanted to be cool too, although I'd browsed here before that. The word "deviant" kinda turned me off initially (thought process "hey no I'm not deviant"), but now the word has lost nearly all of its original meaning, haha.

Without deviantArt I'm not sure I'd be where I am today, with just enough internet-cred to make friends with all the cool artists and get enough money out of my hand and to continue to put food in my mouth... but I've gone from idly doodling my characters (who got to go in The Meek 4 years later) and drawing reptiles/ dreaming of being an independent artist, to doing Avatar fanart, making tutorials and finally doing paid art for soulless corporations. I've circled back around now though and am spending my time again drawing my characters and planning comics, and doing meaningful freelance projects that really make me feel like I'm contributing to society. I'm looking forward to continued documentation of my weird journey through sporadic uploads. But the real value of the site isn't through being a fridge where I can put my work on it; its from interacting with all you cool guys and meeting new friends and, hopefully, helping other people get to where they eventually want to go too...

I hope dA has many more years ahead of it helping other artists grow :)

PS: thought I'd post my first 5 deviations, just as a reminder of how crappy I used to be! I took them out of storage just to celebrate >__> ugh

Just slogging around by shingworks Symon by shingworks Calde by shingworks Smeg and Jerry by shingworks Night Walk by shingworks

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I mostly use Tumblr nowadays

My Tumblr

Feel free to visit

My webcomic (has been on hiatus forever because I suck)


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Altalamatox Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Ah! Heart still racing from seeing you follow my page! I suspect I shouldn't mention the M word, but I've been a fan for years, and in fact I can see my copy of the M word on my shelf right now. Remains among my top favorite comics and I refer people to it all the time for all sorts of things to study. Happily waiting to see the remainder of it, whenever it comes around again.

Augh, you've always been so awesome in all the things you do. I've thought about you and what you might be up to off and on for a long while, in a totally non-creepy fashion. Was sad to hear your absence has been at least in part due to a brutal job, but elated to hear you're getting your life back soon!   

Blah blah, dribbly fan stuff no one likes to have puked up on their front step like a cat present, but... maaaan. You left a very positive impression on younger me and older me appreciates where that directed us. :)
Papaver-rhoeas Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love you dude, your tutorials are really awesome <3
ImpavidRose Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student
hey, thanks for giving me a base to learn from with your tutorials. I saw them originally on my old account maybe... 2 years ago?? Since then I've been able to grow in my abilities, so I think that you're partly responsible for that and wanted to let you know. PS: I really enjoyed the Meek, after I found out you went on haiitus I slowed down after chapter one when there were still fresh pages for me to read so that for a while I could satisfy my need one page a week. I hope you come back to it at somepoint.
:3 I'll be keeping an eye open for when you do.
SuperBlanky Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
you think you suck?


my webcomic sucks more >3<

So i will read your tutorials religiously so I can become less suckish

theresahelmer Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014  Professional Photographer
aaww, you love my "chocolate hearts", so sweet of you, thank you!
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